Simplify Email Testing

Testing sites which require individualized emails can be a drag. If you have your own email server, you need to create lots of emails. If you don't you have to think of great new names on Hotmail.

What if you didn't have to create fake emails? FakeSMTPServer implements a standard SMTP Server with one difference. Instead of delivering the email to the *real* address, it goes no further than the console window.

Try FakeSMTPServer today and simplify your email testing.


Deliver to the console

Delivers directly to the console. No confusing mail clients to set up. You'll receive your email immediately.

Forward Everything to another Email Address

Email messages scrolling by faster than you can read them? Try forwarding them to your own email address. Headers remain intact, so you can see who the email was intended for.


FAQ online 10/01/2007

An FAQ has been added that may answer some questions

Maven Repository Available 10/01/2007

If you use maven to build your projects, now you can add FakeSMTPServer as a dependency. The repo is located at http://www.fakesmtpserver.org/repository

Version 0.8.1 Released 10/01/2007

This new version introduces a UI so you can actually look at your messages in an organized way, rather than just outputting them to the console. To show them, invoke with the -u parameter

Version 0.8.0 Released 09/12/2007

FakeSMTPServer returns from the dead! Support for unit testing has been added. Now grab the messages sent in an easy to parse format.

Version 0.7.1 Released 04/01/2006

Version 0.7.1 adds the ability to specify the port you'd like FakeSMTPServer to run on. It also introduces a better command-line interface which should allow most important functions to be run directly from the command line.

Version 0.7.1 can be downloaded from the download page.

Version 0.7 - Initial release to the public 03/26/2006

This is the initial release of FakeSMTPServer to the public. I've been using the product on and off for nearly a year now, so it should be working relatively well.

I'm interested in any features that people would like to see, but most of all, I thought I'd share a useful product with everyone.